Sheathing Tape
Sheathing Tape

Sheathing Tape

Sheathing Tape is a BOPP film tape with aggressive acrylic adhesive. Designed and engineered primarily for permanent seaming and sealing of joints in foam insulation and other sheathing materials, to secure lap edges in house wraps and other vapor barriers, repair rips and tears in roll and batt insulation, construction films and membranes. Eliminates drafts around window and door openings.
  • Multi-Purpose Construction tape to prevent air infiltration, provide vapor barrier protection, and enhance appearance. Surfaces to be clean/dry. Do NOT apply to wet surfaces (facing or wood). May be hand or machine applied. Lap intersecting joined tapes a minimum of 50.8 mm (2”). Tape should be centered over the joint or other area to be scaled.
  • 24 Hour Delivery
  • No-Hassle Guarantee
  • Sustainably Sourced

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