Machine Wrap
Machine Wrap

Machine Wrap

As a leading North-American distributor of Stretch Wrap, Dumak has every SKU for every application.

From Ultra High-Performance 35 Gauge, to Heavy-Duty 120 Gauge, Dumak has what you are looking for.


  • High pre-stretch levels engineered to be successfully pre-stretched up to 300%
  • Substantial cost saving per load and reduces the amount of film needed, without compromising strength and quality.
  • Superior load retaining force firmly secures products, even under rugged transit conditions and works on all types of loads. 
  • Superior puncture resistance resists being punctured by objects protruding from pallets by sharp load corners or by poor condition pallets.
  • True single-sided-cling formulation prevents wrapped loads from sticking together and causing damage.
  •  Excellent clarity allows bar codes and package graphics to be seen, and allows receivers of products to identify shipping damage prior to accepting delivery.
  • Exceptional cling holds film tails on loads, even during long term storage.

  • 24 Hour Delivery
  • No-Hassle Guarantee
  • Sustainably Sourced

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